Marta Ferri was born in Milan on July, 21st 1984. The daughter of a photographer and an interior decorator, she learns to travel the world and grows up living on set with her father while she falls in love with colours, details and atmospheres through her mother. After her graduation she follows her curiosity and desire for freedom to New York City where she will spend the following four years. Immediately she begins working as a set designer, assistant photographer, digital tech, personal assistant and photo shoot producer. Always travelling, always on the run. Marta cannot stay still as she is searching for her real vocation. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn guide her rapidly from one profession to the next. She learns, interiorizes and changes. In the meanwhile she cultivates many side projects that grow slowly but steadily, for example the collection of art jewellery 'Nuda' which will take two years to complete. In 2009 Marta decides to return to Italy and turn the page, still looking for her path. Her eclectic background, energy and euphoric attitude are immediately noticed by Prada, who hires her. Marta quickly falls in love and learns the ropes of a new challenge, the Visual Merchandiser. Once again she is travelling the world and growing. Suddenly all the past experiences and her childhood are a fundamental asset in facing this new, fascinating and hard adventure. She decides that it is not the right time to stop now that she has realized the strength of a real passion. So she keeps searching, after one and a half years she leaves Prada and decides to move to Argentina and realize her jewellery collection. During the few months which preceded her departure she fell in love for some fabrics, played with them and transformed them in beautiful hand made unique dresses. Following an unexpected success she opened her own atelier, together with a skilled première and so everything begins, in Milan. Marta is not leaving any- more, she is starting over from here. Less than a year after her experience at Prada, Marta has presented in December 2010 her first collection of unique dresses. She has found a small but devoted group of customers both locally and internationally and her dresses, which are exclusively made-to-measure, are on sale at her atelier, at Banner and at Biffi in Milano. In july 2011 she partecipates at "Who's on next?" Earning a special jury commendation for her ability in reinterpreting haute couture in a contemporary key.